Custom Wedding Album.

I was asked the other day as to why anyone would pay extra for a wedding album. I immediately thought of a few things. Some stuff is not so filled with flattering imagery but here it goes anyway.

Lets take the first big expense. Food. The average cost of food at a wedding in North America is about $8500. Yes, that much. Food does make people feel at home and a sense of togetherness always comes from breaking bread together. I love myself a good caterer for sure, but in comparison to other things, you’ll see where I’m going with this. Let’s talk about the Venue. A good venue, maybe a cathedral plus the reception venue can be up to $10000 if you include staff and officiating. Now, and not to anger the brides out there…we have the dress. In my experience a bride mostly knows what they want to spend months or even years before the ceremony. for Mid size budget weddings, a bride can expect to pay around $2000 for a dress and if you add lingerie, a veil, and of course the shoes you can add another $600 to the price of the dress. and then there’s alterations if needed.

I know it may not come as a surprise but after all is said and done, you don’t own the venues, and the food and drink is long gone. As the saying goes, you don’t buy food and drink, you simply rent it for a while.

Now here’s where your Wedding photographs come into play. You’ll have those forever. And if you get an album, then you have a beautiful keepsake/s for the rest of you and your kids’ lives. Most likely even longer. I know it isn’t human nature to think that far ahead, but when it comes to your wedding, the couple getting married probably should give it some thought. To create an album and add all the photos in the proper order, plus design the colour scheme, I charge $150 for a good size album of about one hundred photos that the bride and groom have personally chosen as their favourites. All in all a very wise investment in the future. In a very bohemian way, I usually ask the couple to envision themselves in 50 years looking through their wedding album. And then I ask them to envision themselves in 50 years sitting beside their catered dinner that’s sitting next to their wedding cake. I can already tell you which purchase was the wiser one of all of them. So, please weigh the advantages of each big purchase of a wedding and think of what will be your comfort many years down the road. Hands down it’s the photos that people fall back on to make them feel better during not so great times. You can even use the Photos to Reignite a stalling spark when things get chilly between a happily married couple.

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