Bridal Party Pavillion

  • Client : Outdoorsy types
  • Project : Outdoor Wedding
  • Service : Wedding Coverage

If you’re not the typical “cookie-cutter” bride and are looking for a unique and breathtaking venue, then consider hosting a tent wedding! There are so many new features and the benefits that come along with a tent wedding, and beauty and possibilities are endless.

ent rental is so important because you never know what the weather’s going to be like,” says Ramsey Duqum of Aable Rents. That’s especially true in Northeast Ohio! Just because you plan a wedding in June doesn’t mean you won’t encounter rain, and if you plan a wedding in May or September, there’s the chance you may still see snow! Having an outdoor tent wedding is a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather but also have a place of shelter in case Mother Nature is mad about not getting an invite. Plus, if you get walls, it can shelter you from all those pesky insects and will avoid any embarrassing pictures of you swatting away a bee. You can even heat or air-condition the tent to keep it the perfect temperature!

Project Description

If you just can’t decide between an outdoor or indoor reception, a tent is the perfect solution ! You can layout a tent however you like. Serve the dinner and cakes inside the tent but the drinks and dancing in the open air! Hang twinkling lights like in the picture above and enjoy the beauty of both the indoors and outdoors.


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