Whether it’s agricultural, Mining, or construction, we can survey the area and let you have a bird’s eye view of what’s going on from a bigger perspective. Measurements using accurate GPS coordinates to give you dimensions of land, buildings, property lines and innumerable other things can and will potentially save you thousands in potential disputes and Building code mishaps. Or we can simply take a close look at a roof to seek out possible damage and drainage issues.

So Many Choices

When it comes to using my drone to create photos, I think of a few things immediately. I think of Realtors who would like to showcase a property the best way they can. I think of Farmers who are trying to produce the best crop they can, as cheap as they can. And I think of Contruction. Deadlines and progress of any particular construction site not only saves money in the long run, but keeping a good eye on progress and potential profit keeps the company happy and, of ,course, the ever watching shareholders.

Mapping and Photogrammetry

Farmers. what can we say about the folks that literally put food on our table. They are the unsung heroes of our daily recommended vitamins and minerals. Yes, I know they don’t grow actual bread, but they grown the ingredients of our daily bread. Being able to predict plant health by how healthy your fields are, is quite amazing and may just save a farmer their fields if things are somehow going awry.