I know it can be hard. I for one have never liked my picture taken. It probably comes from my dad, who also hated his picture getting taken. I feel like Ricky Bobby on camera. A camera pointing at me just gets me feeling awkward and hyper body conscious. My smile turns from natural to forced and weird in an instant. So, when I point a camera at someone, I really understand the uncomfortable feeling. In other words, I really do empathize with you. So, I never get frustrated or angry. I just slow things down, lower my camera and if things get bad, let the model play with the camera for a minute or two. This usually seems to help the situation quite a bit. When a person finds out that my camera won’t shoot poison darts out of the lens, people get comfortable really quite quickly. My best advice is to picture your favorite cartoon character sitting on the edge of the lens and concentrate on what you can imagine that would look like. At best, I look gruff. I’m nice, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not smile inducing in the least. I know it. the people around me know it. That’s why I’ve found that blending into the background suits my style the best. I like the fact that I can be as “Grey” as I need to be. Meaning I have this cool ability to not be noticed when I don’t want to be noticed. When people don’t see a big, honkin’ lens pointed at them, they turn very natural. Natural is always perfect. People look their best when they’re just being themselves. Candid shots are my forte and I love them so much. it’s one of the main reasons I switched to a telephoto lens. I used to always use my nifty fifty, but that just meant I had to get in close and potentially destroy the natural environment that had been created by people simply acting naturally. With my telephoto, I can hang back a bit and shoot until my heart’s content. When I get the chance to shoot your next event, it’s more than okay to ignore me. I won’t mind, honest.

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