Freelance terrestrial Photographer and Aerial Cinematographer

Hello, I’m Mike Welcome to my World.

Welcome to my site. My name is Mike and I have over 15 years experience in the Photography and cinematography fields. My specialty is Photographing and filming special events both from the ground and from the sky using the latest and safest Cinematic drone tech available.

About Me

There are many Photographers around the world and I have a lot of great photographer friends who I've learned a lot from. However, there are very few Drone Pilots who also take Photos and film events. The lengths a drone pilot has to go through is quite extraordinary. It starts with licensing on a few levels of difficulty and then an in person road test, so to speak. There's also the insurance that a drone pilot has to acquire. All in all, it's a huge and lengthy process. So, if you ever wonder why hiring a Drone pilot for an event, some survey work or agricultural surveying, and yes, even detailed mapping and topography of a wide area of land, now you get at least a hint of why the final bill is not what you expected.

My Latest Projects

I dive into different forms of photography depending on who needs my services. Hence the term freelancer. Below, you'll see a very small list of my latest projects.

Hire Me

I am available for freelance work. Connect with me via phone: 778.819.3559 or email: